Mango Wheat 4.8% 14 IBU
Our flagship and fan favorite packed with 30 pounds of Mango Puree. This wheat ale is balanced, and sure to go down smooth.
Apricot Ale 4.8% 14 IBU
Limited release! Notes of apricot and tropical fruits. A spin on our Mango Wheat with an experimental yeast. A fresh crisp taste that will have you dreaming of warmer weather!
American IPA 6.7% 63 IBU
A West Coast style IPA with notes of pine, resin, and citrus
Double IPA 8.1% 65 IBU*
This juicy DIPA is bursting with citrus, pine, and floral flavors. Reminiscent of OJ, it is double dry hopped with 11 pounds of Mosaic to round out the heavily hopped mash, boil, and whirlpool.
Salted Caramel Porter 4.5% 29 IBU
Do not let the word Porter fool you, this beer is surprisingly easy to drink for how dark it is. It has just the right amount of caramel with a touch of salt.
Czech Pilsner 5.0% 23 IBU
Crisp, refreshing taste that’s lightly hopped, sure to please those who like a lighter beer.
Light Lager 4.0% 12 IBU
Light body, easy drinking crisp flavor. As close to a domestic Lager as you can get with a craft beer twist.
Red Ale 5.8% 35 IBU
This crisp light ale is easy drinking. Showcasing a balanced cascade hop flavor profile with a sweet malty backbone.
New England IPA 6.8% 40 IBU*
High on hop character and low on bitterness. This unfiltered dank brew is jam-packed with Citra and Azacca hops that will leave you in a haze for days!
Maple Cream Porter 5.2% 27 IBU
Medium bodied porter with a lush mouthfeel and a sweet touch of maple.  Brewed with 5 gallons of local maple syrup.
Extra Stout 6.7% 34 IBU
A robust, full bodied stout made in traditional style but with a little “extra”!  This moderately high abv beer is a stout lover’s dream. Dark chocolate gives way to a nice roasted coffee finish.  Perfect for any chilly ADK day!
Junction Pass Hard Seltzer 5.6% 0 IBU
Hard Seltzer with just the right amount of Mango! Crisp, clean, light, and refreshing. Perhaps a distant relative to our Mango Wheat Ale.
Big Joe’s Hot Pepper Ale 5.8% 22 IBU
An American Pale Ale with a touch of heat! Breaking from tradition we packed this pale ale with Poblano, Jalapeno, Yellow, and Red Peppers. Pairs well with your favorite spicy food. (Perhaps some Hot Wings from Fusion Street Food Truck?)
Puck Drop Sour Ale 4.5% 13 IBU
Lace up with this barnburner. Puck Drop, a blackberry lemon sour ale dedicated to the great sport of the north. This beer will keep the hat tricks coming and the taste buds satisfied.
NEIPA Series Batch #2 (Kevins) 5.5# 40 IBU*
This citrus heavy NEIPA is a blend of Mosaic and Citra hops at flame out give way to a slightly floral flavor. A vigorous dry hop of Simcoe cryo, and Idaho #7 cryo allow the citrus flavors to shine with a dank piney finish.



1911 Original$4.50$7
1911 Raspberry$4.50$7
1911 Honey Crsip$4.50$7
1911 Rose$4.50$7
1911 Cranberry$4.50$7
Nine Pin Signature$4.50$7
Docs Hard Pear$4.50$7
1911 Black Cherry$4.50$7

Bloody Mary
Flagship Vodka
Clayton Distillery
Bloody Caesar
Garlic Vodka
Clayton Distillery
Strawberry Jam Lemonade
Devils Den Strawberry Jam Moonshine
Saratoga Courage Distillery
Orange Zest Gin & Tonic
Citrus Forward Gin
Black Button Distilling
Bourbon Cream
Bespoke Bourbon Cream
Black Button Distilling
Strawberry Moonshine Margarita OR
Moonshine Margarita

Two Dog Moonshine
Clayton Distillery
Dirty Shirley
Cherry Moonshine/Peach Vanilla Moonshine
Clayton Distillery
Pumpkin Pie Hot Toddy
Everyday Bourbon
Cooperstown Distillery
Boozy Hot Chocolate
McKenzie Bourbon Whiskey
Finger Lakes Distilling

Coca Cola$2
Diet Coca Cola$2
Shirley Temple$2
Snapple Half & Half$2
Root Beer$2
Bottled Water$2
Orange Juice$2
Cranberry Juice$2
Lagunitas Hop Water$2.50
Bottled Coca Cola$2
Saranac Bottled Root Beer$2
Hot Chocolate$2